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Booth level officer; Electoral Commission Representative at grass-root level
In order to reduce the widest participation of voters in the election process and the consequences of elections, it is necessary to improve the registration process and the quality of the ballot paper. Booth Level Officer (BLO) is a local government / semi government official, familiar with local voters and is usually voter in the same constituency, which helps in updating the role using local knowledge. In fact, the BLO is the representative of the India Election Commission (ECI) at grass-root level, which plays a key role in the process of roll repetition and collects real-time information about the role corresponding to the polling area given to them. .
Under the section 13B (2) of thEae People's Representation Act, 1950, government officials are appointed as BLO. / Semi Government / Local Organizations In general, a BL is responsible for a part of the ballot paper. Since August 2006, the commission has decided to introduce the concept of appointment of BL, which will be responsible for ensuring the loyalty of the voter list.
By making a clear line of responsibilities for the preparation of an erroneous ballot paper, the new management appointed by BLs gave the baton to its protectors on the policy booth level. were used by candidates voting-identity slips from Earlier, various political parties and gave scope for complaints. Increasing the confidence of the voters in the preparation of accurate voting papers of voters' identity slips and credibility of the electoral process.
The BLO character helps citizens to become voters and obtain a voter card. BLL implement various forms, physical verification for the addition, removal and rehabilitation of voter list registration, and gives his / her report to the Voter Registration Officer (ERO) .BLO contact local people / representatives of political parties and the dead / law Voted / Duplicated voters moved from voting ball after proper process Visit this blog every day for the latest offers of various brands and other technologies

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